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SURF is four step process that uses movement and music to help move emotion and perspective in the body. The four steps, Story, Understand, Recast and Flow, are emotionally designed by  combining theater, movement and spiritual modalities. SURF is the practice of getting out of character,  while strengthening ones own emotional intelligence ( EQ) 


The Retreat

Three days of movement, music, nature, sand, beach, and sun! Use creative expression that will bring you back to your fun-loving powerful selves.

Workshops throughout the day
Use of house and private beach
Morning coffee and tea - juices, smoothies, healthy snacks and light lunch
Evening events at the house or excursion to Lorelei are optional and will depend on members interests

Lodging will be your own personal choice at an additional cost. We suggest one of three beautifully renovated spaces just 15 minutes away from the Creative Shelter are holding your rooms.

Dinners are on your own at local eateries.

Bring clothes to move in, a yoga mat, your favorite playlist of songs that make dance, cry, and inspire.

Be ready to transmute emotional energy, strengthen empathy and end stories. Only brave souls need apply.


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The Creator

Susie K. Taylor is an actor.She has spent 10 years manifesting this for herself while healing over the loss of her father and creating work through healed creative energy and teaching and training actors and others in the movement method.
Susie is a LOVER who thrives for wellbeing and authenticity. She believes in resolving trauma to heal past pain through movement and music. Her joy is found in detaching from charges in order to create a blank slate.
Some of Susie's Past roles in life include  fitness professional, pole dancing instructor,  inventor of bibbitec the Ultimate bib, that appeared on  Shark Tank.

Susie's solo shoe JEWBANA ,which was created through the SURF method.  She lives in Miami with her wonderful husband, two beautiful boys and their dog Tipps

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